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When you have a computer issue, who can you contact to get it resolved? Well a CIS-Tech representative is here and instantly available to resolve your computer problems. Most PC issues can be resolved remotely, which saves time and money. No more having to drive 30-60 minutes to a retail store and then having to wait in line just to hear that repair will take days or weeks. You can fill out our quick and simple assessment form to provide us with the computer issue or chat with us below.
  • 1Initial Chat

    Click on Chat With Us! button to start the chat session.

  • 2Problem Description

    We will ask you to describe during issue you are having with your PC.

  • 3Remote Control

    Once we have an idea what issue is (e.g. virus popups, blue screen, etc), we will generate a remote session link to click on to start the remote session. We may generate a session code if you would like to start remote session at a later time.

  • 4Troubleshoot/Repair

    We will troubleshoot the issue during the remote session and fix the issue. During the remote session you can watch our technician work on your computer to see how the issue is fixed, or you can grab a cup of coffee.

  • 5Resolution

    We verify with you that the work has been completed.

  • 6Disconnect

    We disconnect from both the chat and remote session after the problem is resolved.

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