Is your Windows startup taking a long time, or is your computer just running slow? Your PC/Laptop may need a tuneup service to get it running smoothly. A CIS-Tech agent is available to assist you with optimizing your system.

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A computer is just like a car. It needs regular tuneups to ensure that it is running fast as when you got it. When you browse the internet, a lot of system clutter (temporary internet files) accumulate and slow down the system. To determine if you have system clutter, or any unwanted software that you haven't installed such as toolbar, you may start a remote session with us, or try scanning with a free tool by Webroot.


If the results show that you have a lot of temporary files on your system, you may be due for a PC Tuneup service. If you'd like, we can perform a free diagnostics instead. One of our CIS-Tech agents will assist you with optimizing your system.

If you are unsure about using the system analyzer you may chat with us.
  • Optimizization of Windows startup
  • Installation of Windows updates
  • Update of third-party software (Adobe Flash/Reader, Java, iTunes, etc.)
  • Removal of unwanted software and junkware
  • Browser optimization