High-End Customer Service

<h2>High-End Customer Service</h2>

CIS-Tech provides computer repair services, managed services, and website consultation services to an ever-expanding list of clients. We offer onsite services for issues that cannot be resolved remotely, and in cases of hardware troubleshooting issues. CIS-Tech also provides fixed rate services remotely, which saves both time and money for our clients. Our managed services are provided to clients as a continuous diagnostic and preventative maintenance set of services. Some services provided include physical disk health check, hacker check, antivirus check, and backup check. Other plans include security patch management, a proactive managed antivirus software, remote access, and periodic reports.

Your desktop, laptop, and/or tablet is considered like a car. To fully enjoy using your computer, it needs to be tuned up at regular intervals to keep it running in tip-top shape. This service includes various system tweaks that speed up internet connectivity and computer startup time. Our tuneup service includes deleting unwanted files, removing unwanted/unsafe programs, installing software updates to guard against security threats.
A CIS-Tech agent is standing by to install any PC-compatible internal or external hardware device onto your desktop or laptop. Hardware include devices such as graphics/video card, RAM, hard drives, motherboard, CPU, and optical drives are examples of what this service includes. Hardware not is not included.
We assist with the installation or re-installation of the latest version of Microsoft Windows that best suits you and your computer. If your system is unstable and you require a technician to re-install Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8, then you have come to the right place. With our vast experience and track record, we will get your old system up and running like new with this service. Windows Operating System Software sold separately if attempting to upgrade.
CIS-Tech has experienced technicians who are experts in the removal of viruses, worms, spyware, adware, hijackers, and rootkits. We can assist you on-site at your office or home, or remotely, or at one of our authorized partner locations. Our experienced technicians will quickly bring your computers back to healthy status. We assist our customers in both prevention and removal of the latest viruses such as the FBI virus, HDD Scan rogue virus, and much more. Our higher tier managed services comes with virus prevention and guaranteed system security.
This service includes the repair, troubleshooting, and/or install one software (ex. Microsoft Office, Kaspersky Internet Security, and other commercial software.) and the installation of all critical updates for the software in question. Technicians will also test the software for proper functionality. Software not included.
Have you bought a new printer, but are unable to set it up. Feel free to call us on us for you printer setup and/or troubleshooting needs. CIS-Tech supports all make and models from HP, Canon, Toshiba, Epson, Lexmark, to other brands. We can provide the service at your home or remotely to get you printing documents. Our Printer Installation service includes installation of software drivers and configuration (wireless/USB). In the case that you are having printing issues, we will troubleshoot the cause of your printer/scanner not printing or scanning, which may be due to disconnection, mis-configuration, and even corrupt software drivers.
We assist with helping you sync your email to your Microsoft Outlook, Windows 8 Mail, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, and much more. Whether your email provider supports POP3 or IMAP, we can help you access your email locally on your computer without using your browser. If you have a new Windows 8 system, we can help you access your Yahoo, Gmail, or third-party email without you having to figure out the technical aspects of setting up email. If you are unable to send or receive email, we can often resolve the issue by correctly configuring mail settings to get you up and running.